How to play Pokemon Go from home

Pokemon Go is an insanely interesting game whose wave of popularity swept all the gamers in its path in 2016. Players experienced the incredible joy of catching Pokémon in the real world. But a lot has changed in five years, and with the arrival of the pandemic, it’s harder to go out whenever you want. That’s why the game’s developers made some changes to the game that will help you play Pokemon Go from the comfort of your home, or from too far away from it. In this article, you will learn how Niantic’s updates will help you continue your incredible adventure even in a confined space.

How Covid-19 affected Pokémon Go

The coronavirus spread around the world in a matter of days and because of this, countries that were heavily affected by the virus announced a prolonged quarantine that banned people from going out unnecessarily.

In light of these events, it may seem like a small thing that Pokémon Go players can no longer visit gyms and pokestops, but the game has helped many stay in good spirits and strengthened the friendships of players around the world.

The developers took care of the health of their fans and suspended many events that were scheduled to be released in particular canceled fan meetings and other events. But also, Niantic tried to maintain the performance of the game and adapted to the quarantine conditions so that players could play from home.

What can you do in Pokémon Go from your own home?

Niantic tried their best to make sure Pokémon Go players didn’t lose their fervor and interest in the game during the pandemic, so they released the following changes:

  • The duration of the incense will now last an hour longer
  • Half the hatching time of eggs in the hatchery
  • After visiting pokestops, players will have more gifts available
  • The number of Pokémon in different habitats, including wildlife, has increased
  • A pack of 30 incense can be purchased at a greatly reduced price of 1 pokecoin

There have also been changes to the gameplay itself, namely:

  • The developer has removed the need for walking and PokéCoin to unlock battle sets in GO Battle League
  • The process of coaching battles with friends has become much easier, as the developers have lowered the friendship level requirements between players. Send battle invitations with your good friends, or your friends’ friends
  • Players will receive a daily bonus task for field research and they don’t need to spin a pokestop to do so
  • Invite your friends to battle regardless of their location

How to get more pokéballs from home

As mentioned earlier, Niantic has tried to adapt to the coronavirus environment, so in 2020-2021 the developers focused more on making the game more supportable from home. Thus, many of the game’s processes have become a little easier, including Pokeball mining. Below we will tell you how to get more pokeballs in a pokemon go from home:

  • Gifts – share more gifts, and make as many friends as possible
  • Field research tasks – for completing them you will receive a reward among which may be a Pokeball
  • Spinning pokestops – if there are pokestops around you, you stand a good chance of getting what you want
  • Shop – sometimes developers provide players with a free box of pokeballs, check the store more often